AAAA is a domain address record, that is essentially the IPv6 address of the web server in which the domain is hosted. The IPv6 system was introduced to replace the existing IPv4 system in which each IP consists of four groups of decimal digits which range from 1 to 255 e.g. In comparison, an IPv6 address features 8 sets of 4 hexadecimal digits - which range from 0 to 9 and from A to F. The main reason for this modification is the significantly smaller amount of unique IPs that the current system supports as well as the quick increase of products that are connected to the Internet. An example of an IPv6 address is 2101:1f34:32e2:2415:1365:4f2b:2553:1345. If you need to direct a domain to a web server which uses such an address, you have to create an AAAA record for it, and not the widely used A record, that is an IPv4 address. Both records deliver the same exact function, yet different notations are used, in order to distinguish the two types of addresses.
AAAA Records in Website Hosting
The cutting-edge Hepsia website hosting Control Panel, bundled with our website hosting, will enable you to create a new AAAA record with ease. When you're within the account and you go to the DNS Records section, you will discover all records that you have for any hosted domain or a subdomain under it. All it takes to set up the AAAA record is to click the New Record button, to pick the domain/subdomain in question, pick AAAA after which simply input or copy and paste the IPv6 address. We also have a step-by-step guide if you have never created records for your domain addresses, but it is extremely unlikely that you will need it as Hepsia is much easier to use than compared with other Control Panels on the market. Within an hour your new record is going to be live and your domain address shall start resolving to the servers of the other company. There is also an option to change the TTL value, which determines how long this record will be working if you modify it, from the default 3600 seconds to any value the other provider may require.
AAAA Records in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Creating a new AAAA record is incredibly easy with our user-friendly Hepsia hosting CP, so if you host a domain name inside a semi-dedicated server account from our company and you require such a record either for it or for a subdomain that you've set up under it, you are going to be able to create it in a few simple steps and without any hassle. Hepsia has a section devoted to the DNS records of your domain names where you can find all existing records or set up new ones with several clicks. All it takes to accomplish this is to choose the domain/subdomain you need to change, select AAAA for the type from a drop-down menu and input the actual record i.e. the IPv6 address that the other service provider has given you. Within an hour after you save the change, the new record will propagate world-wide and your domain will start directing to the third-party web server. If they need it, you may also edit the TTL value, which reveals the time this record shall be operating with its present value before a new one kicks in if you make any adjustments in the future.